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Report Piracy


You can report piracy directly to the MPAA:

MPAA and MPA 24-Hour Piracy Tip Lines

The following list presents the 24-hour tip line contact information for each country where the MPAA works with a local content protection office:

North America and Latin America Region
Canada(800) 363-9166
United States(800) 371-9884
Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) Region
Belgium+32 2 778 2711
Italy(800) 864 120
Netherlands(909) 747 2837
Ukraine+38 0 445 013829
United Kingdom(800) 555 111
Asia Pacific (APAC) Region
Australia+61 29997 8011
Hong Kong+65 6253-1033
Malaysia+65 6253-1033
New Zealand+65 6253-1033
Philippines+65 6253-1033
Singapore+65 6253-1033
Taiwan+65 6253-1033

A complete listing of general contact information for all content protection regional and country offices is located at:

MPAA Online Resources

Additional information about the MPAA can also be found on this website located at: You can also learn about programs worldwide to protect content during the exhibition at: